September Writing Prompt

My summer is still in full swing. I don’t go back to grad school until the end of the month. That means that I can spend more time writing instead of just studying. This is my list of writing prompts for the month. If you have time, I hope that you can join me.


  1. I want to learn how to…
  2. The best things in life
  3. In your arms…
  4. Describe your bedroom (current or otherwise)
  5. Write down the first word that comes to mind for the next fifteen minutes
  6. 10 things you can’t live without
  7. Describe what loneliness feels like
  8. Write a letter to the moon
  9. What it means to be a writer
  10. The person who knows me best…
  11. The craziest dream (and why it isn’t that crazy)
  12. Your perfect vacation
  13. Hobbies that you want to pursue (and why you haven’t yet)
  14. 10 things that feel good
  15. What “I hate about you” list
  16. Describe the rain as it touches your skin
  17. Generate excitement
  18. Your life story
  19. Yourself at 102
  20. Fall back – what you’d go back in time to do
  21. What makes you feel alive
  22. Your favorite things about Fall
  23. How can you live more fully
  24. What fills you with joy
  25. What the new season holds for you
  26. What makes you feel fulfilled
  27. The sound of leaves crunching under your feet
  28. Document your day
  29. The biggest transformation in your life
  30. The meaning of time

August Writing Prompts


Summer is in full swing and I am spending it writing. The following is my personal list of writing prompts for the month of August. Comment below if you want to follow along.

  1. Summer playlist
  2. A day in the life…
  3. Words that touch your soul
  4. The tastes of summer
  5. Something that you miss
  6. How does the weather fit your personality
  7. Good things that happened this summer
  8. Message in a bottle
  9. Freeze time
  10. Your mother’s hands
  11. How to get away with breaking the rules
  12. How do you challenge societal norms
  13. Typical day at work
  14. Something that makes you angry
  15. Binge worthy TV
  16. What do you struggle with most
  17. Your love life
  18. A song that brings back memories
  19. Your favorite memory of the summer
  20. How do you push boundaries?
  21. The last time you danced
  22. Your partner’s (or your) eyes
  23. What part of your life needs the most improvements?
  24. What makes you laugh?
  25. What makes you cry?
  26. Why do you get irritated?
  27. Your favorite sound
  28. Your favorite smell
  29. Fun things to do alone
  30. Family values
  31. Next month, what do you want to do?

Next to you

Waking up next to you
changes my world.

It feels like I am ten years old
running up to the ice cream truck
to buy a rootbeer popsicle
on a hot July day

time floats by
like it does when you’re eleven
and it doesn’t matter how late you stay up
because all you have to do the next day
is play video games and
play cops and robbers
while your mom makes dinner.

I wake up next to you at 4am,
and feel your arm reach out to make sure I am OK
because I had a bad dream about a spider
and you want to make me feel safe.

It makes me crave you more
than I should.

I pull your arm to my breast
tugging you closer
until there is nothing between us
but fast beating hearts

An hour later, I wake up next to you
and it feels like
somewhere I never want to leave
like I am twelve and hiding in a fort
on new years eve

You move closer and
I roll back into you
as we loose another hour.

Its 9am, and I can feel you wake up next to me
and whisper good morning into my ear
an hour disappears as I curl into your body
and tell you how I plan to spend the day.

But when you leave
all I do is stay in bed
like I am sixteen again
and can’t think about anything else
but the cute boy in chemistry class
who said hello in the hallway before lunch.

July Writing Prompts

2016-06-26 13.25.13

July Writing Prompts- This summer, I want to write more. This is my list of writing prompts for the month of July. Comment if you want to join me in this summer of fun.

  1. Morning rituals
  2. 10 things you want to learn
  3. Current summer wish list
  4. What do you enjoy most about your city?
  5. What you most want to remember about today?
  6. Something that you love so much that you’d do it for free
  7. What can you do today to move you closer to your goals?
  8. What has been troubling you lately?
  9. What is stopping you from living a life that you would love?
  10. All “about me”
  11. Favorite quotes
  12. Describe your best friend
  13. Happiest moments
  14. Moments you wish you could relive
  15. What do you want to be remembered for?
  16. Are you creating a summer you will never forget?
  17. Best ways to unwind and relax
  18. Best thing that happened this month
  19. Worst habits
  20. Who makes you feel the most alive?
  21. How can you dream bigger?
  22. Where do you see yourself in six years?
  23. 10 rules to live by
  24. Favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon
  25. What are you the best at?
  26. Describe your first love
  27. Current project
  28. List of ideas for your next essay
  29. Who makes you feel as if you can do anything?
  30. Favorite summer activity
  31. Favorite summer meal as a kid

Grad School

I am officially done with my first year of grad school! It feels pretty great to say that. As crazy as this year has been, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I feel as if I have grown as a writer and have learned things about myself that I would have never known.

Here’s a few things that I have learned:

  1. I am actually a feminist (and it isn’t a bad word).
  2. I can write a 15 page paper in a weekend
  3. But I can also write one in 2 page increments
  4. Giant stacks of readings — no problem
  5. I have no idea how to fill my time if I am not doing homework

If you have ever considered going back to school, I would absolutely recommend it. It is one of the best things that I have done for myself.

June Writing Prompts

The summer solstice is June 20, but June 1 is the start of meteorological summer. The warm summer nights are just beginning, my favorite time to write in my journal.

June Journal Writing Prompts

  1. Make a summer of fun list
  2. How can you be more connected?
  3. What can you release?
  4. How do you find joy?
  5. Free your mind.
  6. How are you better this year?
  7. List all that you are grateful for.
  8. Travel wish list.
  9. I wonder…
  10. 10 things I love about you.
  11. How strong are you?
  12. How can you nurture your daydream?
  13. Look up and describe the sky.
  14. Say yes to life!
  15. What is your dream job?
  16. How have you been challenged this year?
  17. How does life keep you silent?
  18. Are you a feminist?
  19. What defines you?
  20. What vibe do you give out?
  21. What do you yearn for?
  22. Who controls your life?
  23. How can you make this summer better?
  24. Describe your favorite color?
  25. Check in with your goals.
  26. Describe the stars tonight.
  27. Write a poem to summer mornings.
  28. Where does the magic happen?
  29. What inspires you?
  30. Who are you today?