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Next to you

Waking up next to you
changes my world.

It feels like I am ten years old
running up to the ice cream truck
to buy a rootbeer popsicle
on a hot July day

time floats by
like it does when you’re eleven
and it doesn’t matter how late you stay up
because all you have to do the next day
is play video games and
play cops and robbers
while your mom makes dinner.

I wake up next to you at 4am,
and feel your arm reach out to make sure I am OK
because I had a bad dream about a spider
and you want to make me feel safe.

It makes me crave you more
than I should.

I pull your arm to my breast
tugging you closer
until there is nothing between us
but fast beating hearts

An hour later, I wake up next to you
and it feels like
somewhere I never want to leave
like I am twelve and hiding in a fort
on new years eve

You move closer and
I roll back into you
as we loose another hour.

Its 9am, and I can feel you wake up next to me
and whisper good morning into my ear
an hour disappears as I curl into your body
and tell you how I plan to spend the day.

But when you leave
all I do is stay in bed
like I am sixteen again
and can’t think about anything else
but the cute boy in chemistry class
who said hello in the hallway before lunch.