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My name is Katherine Orr and I am a feminist, a roller derby player, and a writer. This blog is about me: a 29 year old graduate student learning to swim in the world of English Literature. I am learning how to become an academic. If you would like to contact me please email

Next Year 

2016 feels like it passed in just a few seconds and yet it slowed down just enough to let me enjoy it. 

But it went by so fast, I didn’t really get to do what I wanted to do- which is write. 

That’s why next year I’m challenging myself to write more and read more in 2017. I don’t really know what that will look like yet, but I’ve still got a little time to figure it out. 

So– I’m going to journal it out. I’m gonna spend some time thinking about next year and what I want from it.

Feel free to comment below about your new year dreams.

2017 Journal Prompt

What do you want to change in 2017? What do you want more of? What do you hope happens in 2017? What are your wishes and what are you going to do to get there and make it happen? What does the New Year have to hold? 

December Writing Prompts

December gets a little crazy around here. For me December means writing papers and spending time with family. But, I like to spend a little time writing. This is my list of writing prompts for December. It just takes a few minutes of the day and I feel more attuned to myself.  If you want to join me, comment below.


  1. Baby it’s cold outside
  2. December adventures (that you want to have)
  3. Describe the smell of December
  4. The perfect gift for a loved one
  5. Describe snow
  6. The taste of hot chocolate
  7. Write an adult Christmas story
  8. Favorite holiday song
  9. Do you believe in Santa?
  10. What does this season mean to you?
  11. Best holiday movies?
  12. Your first tree
  13. 12 days of Christmas
  14. Winter clothes
  15. How can you spread joy?
  16. The best gift you’ve given
  17. How do you decorate for the holidays?
  18. Holiday favorites
  19. Favorite Christmas morning
  20. Make a list and check it twice
  21. Best memory of Christmas
  22. Christmas cards unsent
  23. Christmas through someone else’s eyes
  24. Holiday traditions
  25. Morning
  26. Favorite winter activities
  27. Thank you notes
  28. Things you want to change
  29. Best things that happened this year
  30. Next year
  31. 11:59

November Writing Prompts

The following list is my personal journal writing prompts for the month of November. Wish me luck! I’d love if you join me this month. Comment below if you’re in!


  1. Daily rituals
  2. Favorite part of the day
  3. What makes you smile
  4. How it feels to lay next to someone you love
  5. One goal you achieved this year
  6. What will you do today?
  7. What makes you fall in love?
  8. Your life story (ideal or otherwise)
  9. The ultimate playlist
  10. What do you offer the world
  11. 5 things you want to be different
  12. One happy moment
  13. Bullet journal list of the day
  14. The last time you were proud
  15. How do you procrastinate?
  16. A moment that changed you
  17. The lonely shore
  18. Who you’re always happy to see
  19. Long nights are meant for…
  20. A simple pleasure
  21. An impossible dream
  22. How you practice self care
  23. Five good things that happened today
  24. 20 things you’re thankful for
  25. How your life is enough
  26. What have you learned about yourself this year?
  27. How can you live a better life?
  28. Favorite meal to share with friends
  29. The best way to spend an evening
  30. Next month I want to…

October Writing Prompts

October is perhaps my favorite time of year, and my favorite time to write. In Southern California it is just starting to get cool and some days it really feels like fall. This is my list of writing prompts for the month of October. If you have time I hope you follow along with me.

October writing prompts

  1. Dream marriage
  2. Your life backwards
  3. Create a “perfect” you
  4. How can someone melt your heart
  5. What gives you strength?
  6. Five places you want to visit
  7. Scariest story
  8. The scent of your skin
  9. Fighting nature
  10. Who are you?
  11. Live out your fantasy
  12. Your perfect partner
  13. Next weekend’s plans
  14. Things I’d rather be doing
  15. Describe the scene outside your window
  16. The sound of a vinyl record
  17. Brain dump
  18. The masks that you wear
  19. What you did today (tell a story)
  20. How you empower others
  21. Your sexuality
  22. The feel of freshly washed sheets
  23. If you could relive one day…
  24. How you would take yourself out on a date
  25. Seven years from now…
  26. 10 guilty pleasures
  27. What does it mean to be beautiful
  28. How do you spend the morning?
  29. One life changing moment (and how it could’ve been different)
  30. The next book you want to read
  31. The person you most want to be

The time is now

The time to start is now. What is it that you have been putting off? What have you been wanting to do, but are too scared to do? 

For me, I had been wanting to make a change in my life. I wanted to go back to school. It took a night out at the bar to realize that I wasn’t doing anything with my life. I NEEDED that change. 
So, I hastily sent in my application to grad school and was accepted a month later. 

Now, I am entering my second year in grad school. Going back to school was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. And all of the homework and late nights studying are worth it. 

So what’s holding you back from living your purpose? 

Back to school

Thursday I go back to school and start my second year of grad school. I must be nervous because last night I dreamt that I got a C in both of my classes. The horrors. 

But it has me thinking about intention. I think we all have to set intentions. Imagine how we want things to go and chase fearlessly after them. 

Set goals and smash through them. So what have you been looking forward to that you might be a little fearful of? What do you need to achomlish? What are your intentions? What are your goals? 

Let’s set ourselves up for success and have an awesome fall! 

The muse

my muse is gone,
hiding in the dresser drawers

while I am hiding
under the covers

away from the moon
who knows all my secrets

and the sun who
knows the truth

the words don’t flow
without my muse

and I don’t want the
sun to touch my face
and remind me of all my faults