November Writing Prompts

The following list is my personal journal writing prompts for the month of November. Wish me luck! I’d love if you join me this month. Comment below if you’re in!


  1. Daily rituals
  2. Favorite part of the day
  3. What makes you smile
  4. How it feels to lay next to someone you love
  5. One goal you achieved this year
  6. What will you do today?
  7. What makes you fall in love?
  8. Your life story (ideal or otherwise)
  9. The ultimate playlist
  10. What do you offer the world
  11. 5 things you want to be different
  12. One happy moment
  13. Bullet journal list of the day
  14. The last time you were proud
  15. How do you procrastinate?
  16. A moment that changed you
  17. The lonely shore
  18. Who you’re always happy to see
  19. Long nights are meant for…
  20. A simple pleasure
  21. An impossible dream
  22. How you practice self care
  23. Five good things that happened today
  24. 20 things you’re thankful for
  25. How your life is enough
  26. What have you learned about yourself this year?
  27. How can you live a better life?
  28. Favorite meal to share with friends
  29. The best way to spend an evening
  30. Next month I want to…

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