Monthly Archives: August 2016

August Writing Prompts


Summer is in full swing and I am spending it writing. The following is my personal list of writing prompts for the month of August. Comment below if you want to follow along.

  1. Summer playlist
  2. A day in the life…
  3. Words that touch your soul
  4. The tastes of summer
  5. Something that you miss
  6. How does the weather fit your personality
  7. Good things that happened this summer
  8. Message in a bottle
  9. Freeze time
  10. Your mother’s hands
  11. How to get away with breaking the rules
  12. How do you challenge societal norms
  13. Typical day at work
  14. Something that makes you angry
  15. Binge worthy TV
  16. What do you struggle with most
  17. Your love life
  18. A song that brings back memories
  19. Your favorite memory of the summer
  20. How do you push boundaries?
  21. The last time you danced
  22. Your partner’s (or your) eyes
  23. What part of your life needs the most improvements?
  24. What makes you laugh?
  25. What makes you cry?
  26. Why do you get irritated?
  27. Your favorite sound
  28. Your favorite smell
  29. Fun things to do alone
  30. Family values
  31. Next month, what do you want to do?