One of my favorite books

One of my favorite books is one that I read in high school (twice). I loved it so much that I made my mother read it despite the steamy sex scenes.

The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons is the first book in a series. At the time I just picked up the book from the bargain bin at Barnes and Noble with no idea that there were actually two more books in the series.

Set in Russia, The Bronze Horseman is a love saga during WWII. The book is a hefty 810 pages, but every page is worth it. Tatiana is just 17 when she meets Alexander, a soldier, and they are immediately drawn towards each other. The only problem is that Tatiana’s older sister, Dasha, is already dating Alexander. At times Tatiana is infuriating, but perhaps that is what makes the novel so interesting (at least to my high school self). However, the novel does have shortcomings (namely the flat characterization of the other characters in the novel besides Tatiana and Alexander).

If you enjoy historical romance novels and WWII, I would suggest reading The Bronze Horseman. And if you enjoy it, read the second installment, Tatiana and Alexander, and the third (which I haven’t read yet), The Summer Garden.



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