Happy New Years


My New Year’s Resolutions

A new year means a new chance to get it right. I have to say, 2015 has been pretty great. I’ve traveled to Ireland and Mexico (my first flight and first cruise respectively), I started grad school (four years in the making), I played in my first roller derby bout, and I am finally OK with who I am (and who I fall in love with).

I honestly don’t know if 2016 can be a better year, but it can see a better me. Hopefully I can say that I am better writer by this time next year. And the only way to become better, is through conscious practice. That is my 2016: practicing.

With that in mind, here are my 2016 goals (some writerly, some not):

  • A year of adventure
  • Love self more, compare less
  • Drink Tea & Coffee
  • Fall in love with life
  • Write poetry
  • And long essays
  • Start daily pages (just to see if you like it)
  • Listen to records
  • Go skating (weekly)
  • Blog more often
  • Go to The Last Bookstore in LA
  • Take photos for inspiration
  • Read good books
  • Feed your soul
  • Write your ❤ out

What are your big dreams for 2016? Feel free to comment below and link to your own thoughts for the new year.



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