Monthly Archives: April 2015

Currently reading 

I haven’t read a book in a while, but I’ve been craving the escape. This morning before work I had nothing to do, so I picked up this from my friends bookshelf. I’m 70 pages in, but so far I like Shot the Moon by Billie Letts. Anyone have suggestions for a former book lover, current book avoider? Tyto Books

This is my truth

If I could have anything I wanted this year for my birthday – wrap it up and tie it in a bow- the only thing I would ask for… is you.

I would ask for those kisses you lay on my shoulder while you think I’m asleep. I would ask for your smell on my pillow every morning when I wake.

I would ask for those eyes that look like the sea stare into mine at 3 am. I would ask for your arms to pull me closer to you as I fall asleep.

I would ask for those innocent words spoken in your sleep. I would ask for your hands to make me coffee and eggs in the morning before work.

I would ask for you to love me all of your days.

I will love you forever without knowing how or why. I love you knowing that you’ll only give it in small doses of whiskey before the sun rises and I whisper against your lips over and over: I love you, I love you, I love you.


do you ever find yourself too blissfully happy to write. You are in this solitary moment that seems too good to be true. This bubble of perfection. Things are going right for you, so writing seems too far off and not as important as the moment you are living in. 

This is my moment. My bliss. As much as I want to document this moment I don’t want to miss a single second. I just want to live.