Unknowing You

Unknowing you
becomes harder everyday

The sun rises
pink with promise

I can feel your body
like a phantom limb

feel your lips
against my shoulder
as I drift awake

In the shower I scrub my skin
trying to erase your face
but it is impossible

It’s daylight

I drive past your work
trying not to look for you
… even though I can still
trace your outline with my lips
hear your smile

The evenings are the hardest
I inhale you on my pillow
feel your body in the sheets

unknowing you is an art
that I can never master


2 thoughts on “Unknowing You

  1. This was beautiful, and covers those unsavory phases following a relationship’s end quite well. No one really wants to admit to themselves that they’ve thought about someone while driving somewhere familiar, like their workplace, the park, the movie theatre… But truthfully, I think everyone engages in this kind of “post-obsession obsession” in their own way. Thank you for writing and sharing. 🙂

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