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Writing Prompt #22

Unrequited Love

Today’s writing prompt is all about unrequited love. Tell a story/ write a poem about unrequited love – good or bad.

Nietzsche believed that unrequited love is indispensable to the lover “which he would at no price relinquish for a state of indifference.”

Pretty powerful stuff is unrequited love if no matter the cost we don’t give it up.

Unknowing You

Unknowing you
becomes harder everyday

The sun rises
pink with promise

I can feel your body
like a phantom limb

feel your lips
against my shoulder
as I drift awake

In the shower I scrub my skin
trying to erase your face
but it is impossible

It’s daylight

I drive past your work
trying not to look for you
… even though I can still
trace your outline with my lips
hear your smile

The evenings are the hardest
I inhale you on my pillow
feel your body in the sheets

unknowing you is an art
that I can never master