Dear Future Me

Writing everyday is easier when you have a challenge to work towards. Hopefully I don’t miss any days of writing or posting a picture.

Day six of the #loveme challenge is a note to future you.

Dear me:

Right now you are single and in love with an impossible man. Remember him? The one who loved you but wasn’t ready to be with you the way you needed, but you loved him anyway (all the way down to your bones).

Right now you are learning to play roller derby and you are actually getting better at it. This is your second time in fresh meat and so far you haven’t fallen (except when practicing falls).

Right now you are trying to be the best version of yourself. You are trying to be happy everyday. You are trying to radiate love by sending out good vibes. You are trying to keep everything in your life clean and simple – because it leads to a better life.

Right now you are writing a novel. Mostly because most of the ones you read fall short of your expectations. It is a love story about a girl your age (26 or 27) who is just trying to figure life out. Yep its one of those. The only thing you care about right now is that it has a believable love story. Because a lot of the stories out there about love fall short of the truth.

Right now you are tired. You have a to do list a mile long and a to done list an inch tall. But don’t worry. Because whatever you don’t finish today, future you can take care of right? Because tomorrow is the future.


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