A letter to 16 year old me

Day five of the #loveme challenge is a note to past you. If I could write a letter to myself, it would be to the sixteen year old me. The awkward high school student who didn’t know how to function in the real world.

Dear Katie:

At sixteen you are too scared to drive on your own, but don’t worry you will pass the test of the first try (even though you’ll be too stressed out to drive home from the DMV). You hang out with your friends and bake cookies (but maybe you should be learning to cook instead because you still kind of suck at it).

You will eventually go on your first date (in about two years) but dates won’t really mean anything to you until you are 19 and you meet the first man you will fall in love with. Dates are fun and falling in love is amazing.

You will get your heart broken a time or two… but that all leads to something kind of wonderful. See there is this guy (you might have met him by now if you actually paid attention in school) and every time you see him, you won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling. Everyone who sees you together can see how perfect you are together. Because somehow your awkwardness is better when you are together.

But don’t worry, you will grow into yourself. You will become an amazing and beautiful woman. And I’m not just saying that. You have a smile that lights up a room and turns heads. While you might still be a little shy when it comes to large groups, you’ll find people that are actually worth talking to.

Right now you are probably scribbling away in your math notebooks. Instead of numbers, you have poetry and short stories. Surprisingly this will never change. Good thing you are smart (in fact maybe do some AP classes. You really are smart enough for them). Embrace poetry. Keep reading instead of doing homework (your grades never suffered). When you get to college, keep that first major you put down instead of changing it because you are too scared. Do it. There’s a reason you put it down in the first place. And when you double major… maybe make the second something useful for a career.

I could go on and on… but I think the most important thing is to spend more time with your family. Honestly. You’ll realize your time with them isn’t as long as everyone would have thought. You will be heartbroken but you will find your way through to the other side.

As much as life hurts, as much as it knocks you down you’ll realize one thing: that you don’t have any regrets. The most important thing is to just be happy. Radiate happiness and love in all that you do and you will find your truth (that yes you are awkward, but you are also amazing).


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