Currently Reading: Both of Me by Jonathan Friesen

Both of Me by Jonathan Friesen is a beautifully written novel about 18-year-old Clara and Elias, the boy with two personalities (he suffers from DID, Disassociative Identity Disorder). Clara meets Elias on a plane while escaping her life. He seems to know things about her life that he shouldn’t know. Their baggage is swapped and she has to track him down.

After she meets him again Clara decides to help him escape his second personality. They go on a road trip to find the way out of his imaginary world and into the real world.

This novel lets you escape the real world just as the characters are trying to escape their own worlds. I don’t know if I am completely satisfied with the ending of the book. It leads you on an unpredictable adventure into the unknown and just leaves you there. The story twists and turns into a rather boring ending. I felt like there should have been more reaction from Clara.

The book is fast paced and draws you in right off the bat. It leads you down the rabbit hole and into a different world. The writing is wonderful and the characters come to life. However, I found it difficult to connect to the characters. Both Elias and Clara are going through difficulties in their lives, but when they face their problems their reactions don’t seem completely authentic.

While I enjoyed the book… I can’t say that I will ever read it again and based on the ending I can’t find myself recommending the book to anyone.

I received a free copy of the book from BookLook for an unbiased review.

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