2015 Goals

The new year is upon us. It seems that 2014 passed without notice. Without realizing it a year has gone by and I have little to show for it. I don’t want that to happen in 2015. I want 2015 to mean something.

So… I have a short list of goals for 2015. Five things that I want to work on to make my writing life better.

  1. Back up the computer! I want to make sure that I back the computer up at least once a month (the first week of the month) so that I don’t loose anything. Of course if I am working on something important I like to save it to Dropbox so that I can never loose it.
  2. Spend less time on the internet or watching TV. I know that I am guilty of this time suck. I can’t tell you the number of hours that I have lost constantly checking facebook or instagram as if something new is actually there. It’s always the same thing. My goal is to only sit down and watch 2 hours of TV or less a day and only check facebook twice a day (unless I am sick like this week… hello mindless marathon to get over this two week cold).
  3. Create one finished piece a month (i.e. chapter, short story, poem, outline for a book, etc.). I would say a week, but I think in this case I will think smaller so that I can create something that I am proud of.
  4. Submit the finished pieces for publication. Pretty self explanatory there: see something I’ve written in print. Yikes.
  5. Read more. Somehow last year I barely read anything. I blame Netflix. I used to marathon books… now I marathon shows. I still managed to read some really great books last year, but not nearly as many as I used to. My aim is a book a month because I know as soon as I pick up a book I get swept into the story and won’t put it down until it is finished. And then I crave another.

So here is hoping that 2015 sees some changes. Starting… tomorrow. I think I’ve done enough today by cleaning. Fingers crossed that I am no longer sick tomorrow.


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