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Love Me Writing Prompts

February is the month of love (or at least that is what the card companies would have you believe). And to celebrate I am doing something a little different. I have decided to challenge myself a little. Every day in February I will be posting a photo, a poem, or just a simple blog post about loving the most important person, myself. The thing is we all need to love ourselves more and be kinder to ourselves.

So I decided to do the #LoveMe Challenge. Which is, “a challenge to love you. Everyday there will be a prompt for you to look at yourself, embrace who you are, and hopefully help you learn that you are beautiful, you are amazing, and you need to love who you are!” Find out more here: Pepper Scraps

The posts will be following these prompts from Pepper Scraps

Love Me
#LoveMe Challenge starting Feb 1st

Currently reading: Love, Lattes and Mutants

Love, Lattes and Mutants Book CoverI just finished reading a rather silly young adult book: Love, Lattes and Mutants by Sandra Cox (which will be released on Kindle on February 17, 2015). It was a fun read but kind of ridiculous at the same time.

The book is about a young girl with dolphin DNA, Piper Dunn,  trying to blend in at high school. The thing is: it’s difficult to hide when Tyler, the cute new guy at school, can see right through your mask.

Filled with high school drama, Piper and Tyler fall in love and Tyler is desperate to learn Piper’s secret. Probably a little too desperate.

I found the story line to be kind of far fetched. I couldn’t find myself believing that she was even a mutant in the first place. Which meant that the rest of the story was rather ridiculous since I couldn’t find a reason to believe the premise.

It would have been more believable if there was more back story about her mother. In the book there are just vague references to her mother who was created in a lab and later escaped.

The biggest problem  I have with the book is that the beginning is drawn out and the end is very rushed. That could be do to the fact that it is part of a series. However since it took so long to find out more about her dolphin background and find out why her mother existed in the first place, it makes me less likely to read another book in the series especially if her goal remains the same: to blend in and remain anonymous.

More dolphin and less teenage angst please.

Disclaimer: I was sent this book to read for review by NetGalley

Currently Reading: Both of Me by Jonathan Friesen

Both of Me by Jonathan Friesen is a beautifully written novel about 18-year-old Clara and Elias, the boy with two personalities (he suffers from DID, Disassociative Identity Disorder). Clara meets Elias on a plane while escaping her life. He seems to know things about her life that he shouldn’t know. Their baggage is swapped and she has to track him down.

After she meets him again Clara decides to help him escape his second personality. They go on a road trip to find the way out of his imaginary world and into the real world.

This novel lets you escape the real world just as the characters are trying to escape their own worlds. I don’t know if I am completely satisfied with the ending of the book. It leads you on an unpredictable adventure into the unknown and just leaves you there. The story twists and turns into a rather boring ending. I felt like there should have been more reaction from Clara.

The book is fast paced and draws you in right off the bat. It leads you down the rabbit hole and into a different world. The writing is wonderful and the characters come to life. However, I found it difficult to connect to the characters. Both Elias and Clara are going through difficulties in their lives, but when they face their problems their reactions don’t seem completely authentic.

While I enjoyed the book… I can’t say that I will ever read it again and based on the ending I can’t find myself recommending the book to anyone.

I received a free copy of the book from BookLook for an unbiased review.

Currently Reading: Single, Carefree, Mellow

I just finished the collection of short stories, Single, Carefree, Mellow by Katherine Heiny, which will be published on February 3, 2015 (just in time for Valentine’s Day).

Despite what the title would lead you to believe, the book doesn’t follow single, carefree women. Instead it pauses life in the most routine moments. It looks out the window of life and stops time for simple interactions between two people.

The stories follow the romantic lives of several woman most of whom are committing adultery (annoyingly). I find it unrealistic that so many of the women are cheating on their significant others and would rather have read more about single women than infidelity.

My favorite story was “How to Give the Wrong impression” about a girl in love with her roommate. It is a wonderful story about a woman and her platonic roommate. The infatuation she has with her roommate is engaging and real.

Some of the stories are a little hard to follow (either the book has issues with the time line or I do). Some of the stories are difficult to relate to, but there is something in this book for every woman in their 20s and 30s.

This book was an advanced copy for review.

2015 Goals

The new year is upon us. It seems that 2014 passed without notice. Without realizing it a year has gone by and I have little to show for it. I don’t want that to happen in 2015. I want 2015 to mean something.

So… I have a short list of goals for 2015. Five things that I want to work on to make my writing life better.

  1. Back up the computer! I want to make sure that I back the computer up at least once a month (the first week of the month) so that I don’t loose anything. Of course if I am working on something important I like to save it to Dropbox so that I can never loose it.
  2. Spend less time on the internet or watching TV. I know that I am guilty of this time suck. I can’t tell you the number of hours that I have lost constantly checking facebook or instagram as if something new is actually there. It’s always the same thing. My goal is to only sit down and watch 2 hours of TV or less a day and only check facebook twice a day (unless I am sick like this week… hello mindless marathon to get over this two week cold).
  3. Create one finished piece a month (i.e. chapter, short story, poem, outline for a book, etc.). I would say a week, but I think in this case I will think smaller so that I can create something that I am proud of.
  4. Submit the finished pieces for publication. Pretty self explanatory there: see something I’ve written in print. Yikes.
  5. Read more. Somehow last year I barely read anything. I blame Netflix. I used to marathon books… now I marathon shows. I still managed to read some really great books last year, but not nearly as many as I used to. My aim is a book a month because I know as soon as I pick up a book I get swept into the story and won’t put it down until it is finished. And then I crave another.

So here is hoping that 2015 sees some changes. Starting… tomorrow. I think I’ve done enough today by cleaning. Fingers crossed that I am no longer sick tomorrow.