How a daily writing routine helps

For the past five days I have been writing over 500 words a day. If nothing else, it has made me a more confident writer.

The first day I wrote about not knowing what to write. It was a stream of consciousness style of writing essentially the same thing over and over again. While it didn’t lead to the best writing, it did remove the barriers that I had been facing in writing.

First, it allowed me to unleash creativity that had been hidden within my soul; creativity that was bubbling under the surface. It also loosened up my mind (and hands). I was able to write down whatever was on my mind regardless of the consequences. No one was going to read it anyway. Finally, it allowed me to look at my currently relationships. I spent three of those days just writing about the personal relationships in my own life and I gained a deeper understanding of myself.

While none of this helped me be a better creative writer, it has helped me just write.

Tomorrow when I sit down at the computer at least I won’t be intimidated by the blank page. Maybe my tomorrow I will have something to say. And if not? That’s OK right?

I don’t have to be some genius. I just have to be me. Because I am amazing. I am enough. Just being here today is enough. Just being alive is enough. And maybe I won’t leave my mark on the world the way that I want… but that’s alright.

I found that the best way to write was to type whatever word came to mind without thinking about it. If I stopped to think about the next word, nothing would come out. I ran out of steam if I thought for longer than a second.

Maybe the next Great American Novel won’t be written this way… but at least something will.

I think the next goal should be writing 500 words of creative writing instead of just words strung together. But for now… 500 words is 500 words.

Does anyone else find that setting a word goal is helping them become more creative?


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