Why you should keep a journal

I was always that weird kid in High School. I was always writing in my journal. My favorite time to write was in math class. And because I was always writing (and reading) I never hated High School (or Jr. High for that matter).
So here are a few reasons why you should start keeping a journal:

  • writing in a journal helps you become a better writer
  • through reflection you discover new things about yourself
  • find patterns in your life
  • discover solutions to problems
  • exercise in creativity
  • record your thoughts and dreams
  • ability to express yourself freely without fear of judgement
  • helps to clarify goals
  • helps you become more self aware
  • memory aid
  • a way to mourn the loss of someone or something in your life
  • a form of self-expression
  • relax and unwind
  • free your imagination
  • untangle thoughts
  • help you sleep by emptying your mind
  • record future projects and new ideas
  • a safe place for creativity and honesty
  • writer’s work book
  • pure freedom to do what you want

A journal is anything that you want it to be. You can write whatever you want in it. It is freedom. It is order. It is chaos. It is pure. It is you.


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