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I want….

I want …….

to write
create art
take photos of Route 66
go to school
write poetry
poetic words
record life
love with all my heart

So what’s stopping me? Why aren’t I doing what I want? Why am I always letting life pass me by? Why aren’t I reading poetry at a coffee shop with an old notebook and a ballpoint pen. Why aren’t I painting and making photos? Why aren’t I thriving instead of simply getting by?

I am

I am the stars
lost in the vast galaxy-
made up of constellations-
my history in the telling.

I am the moon
constantly circling the earth
pulled by the ebb and flow.
Confident that I will keep spinning.

I am afraid of my softness-
that my heart full of fluff-
will spill out of my ears
and into the hands
of someone who would relish in the
burning of my heart.
Ripping me to shreds.
Fire on my skin
to destroy my fluff.

I am the love goddess of the sea.
Flora floating between my red fingertips.

I am calm like the ocean
and just as scary. Riptides
threatening to pull you under
to let you drown in my heart.

– Katherine Orr

Moving On

Toes in the doorway
Painted red
Bright sunlight
Etch white patterns in your eyes
Force tears that make you
forget the boy
who didn’t kiss
goodnight. Down.
The plants outside
are wilted. Forgotten.
Step outside
and wiggle your toes in the
dirt. Dry dirt.
The empty room
floats away behind.
The door closes.
Water the forgotten flowers.
Step backwards into the
sunlight to tear stained
eyes- for a moment.
Moving forward
into the empty sky.

– Katherine Orr

Writing Prompt #6

To write is to understand yourself and open yourself up to new possibilities.  By actively sitting down to write you are setting time aside for yourself. Ultimately it will help you understand who you are and what you are thinking.

Writing poetry means removing the barriers to the outside world and putting up your own understanding of it. It brings the world into sharp focus.

Poetry is a way to vent, a way to express yourself in a few short words. But sometimes it is difficult to put those words onto paper. You don’t always know what you are thinking. Below is a prompt to help kick start your creativity.

Creative Writing Prompt #6

Write a poem using the words cynosure, illuminate, passage, and captain. Post your poem below in the comment section.

I am a soul writer

I can’t ever
Like a flood
released from the heavens


The wrong words
tumbling out of my head

My mind won’t stop
The words are coming back again

I am a writer
a soul writer

grabbing. grasping
for any word
to throw down on paper
to write onto my soul

blood pouring
as my soul cries,
cries out for you
for someone to hear

to respond
to understand my fears
to understand

– Katherine Orr

Why you should keep a journal

I was always that weird kid in High School. I was always writing in my journal. My favorite time to write was in math class. And because I was always writing (and reading) I never hated High School (or Jr. High for that matter).
So here are a few reasons why you should start keeping a journal:

  • writing in a journal helps you become a better writer
  • through reflection you discover new things about yourself
  • find patterns in your life
  • discover solutions to problems
  • exercise in creativity
  • record your thoughts and dreams
  • ability to express yourself freely without fear of judgement
  • helps to clarify goals
  • helps you become more self aware
  • memory aid
  • a way to mourn the loss of someone or something in your life
  • a form of self-expression
  • relax and unwind
  • free your imagination
  • untangle thoughts
  • help you sleep by emptying your mind
  • record future projects and new ideas
  • a safe place for creativity and honesty
  • writer’s work book
  • pure freedom to do what you want

A journal is anything that you want it to be. You can write whatever you want in it. It is freedom. It is order. It is chaos. It is pure. It is you.

Writing Prompt #5

You stare at the mirror and shrug, thinking this is as good as it is going to get. Your face in the mirror says, “Actually, it’s about to get a whole lot better.” Your reflection turns and walks away from you. After a few moments it turns and looks at you. It says, “Well? Are you coming or not?”

Write what happens next and post your response in the comments below.