I am a creative soul

I am a creative soul. Not a day goes by that I don’t think creatively. 

I’ve always gotten strange looks when my mind goes to the most extreme. If my boyfriend is five minutes late I become convinced that his car spun out on the freeway last night and he died in a fiery crash. There are always a billion different scenarios running through my head: a million different ways that the day could end. 

The thing is I don’t know who I am. I feel lost. I just know that I want to be happy. I was talking to an ex a few days ago and he is getting his life together – going after what he wants. And here I am two years later and I am in the same place. 

I’ve been standing still for two years. The only thing that has changed is my bed. I’m not OK with that (but I am OK with the bed). 

The only way to change is to take action. To do something. Because unfocused energy is better than doing nothing. So what do I want?

I want to:

  • Submit polished work into poetry competitions
  • Sell my photography on etsy
  • Sell used books
  • Write a blog
  • Write a book
  • Become a travel writer
  • Apply to all the jobs
  • Take photos of Route 66
  • Go to grad school
  • Paint more
  • Do what makes me happy

Are you a creative soul?


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