Poetry: Love too much

Sometimes I think I love too much.
I fall in love at 3 am
with your senseless babbles
about giant chocolate cakes.
In the way you kiss,
your blue-green eyes hooded with sleep.
your heartbeat against my cheek.

It’s addicting
the way you fix my clothes
the way your hair feels
as the curls wrap
around my fingertips
the way our eyes touch.

I grow attached
knowing you will leave
before the sun touches your skin

Sometimes I wonder why
I keep coming back. 
Your cold heart
warming by the moonlight
and freezing in the morning
like dew in the spring.

I don’t know how to convince you
that your heart belongs here —
that I will warm your mornings
like a cup of coffee.

I’m addicted. You leave me desperate
for the next fix. My cocaine lullaby –
hooked on the high.


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