Creating the Writing Habit

Developing a writing habit sounds pretty easy, but do you know what it takes to develop a new habit?

It takes, courage, discipline, and hard work every single day to keep the habit alive. 

At first it is easy. You are excited. You think all I have to do is sit down and write for twenty minutes a day and I will become a better writer…

But slowly your best laid plans are forgotten because you’d rather binge watch Orange is the New Black, play with your kids, shoot some pool, or hang out at the bar. There are a million reasons not to write and only one reason you should: You. What you want out of your life.

In order to create a new habit you have to fight through all the reasons why not and just do it anyway.

And after awhile it will become second nature. It becomes as easy as making coffee in the morning or brushing your teeth. However, just because it is second nature doesn’t mean you don’t have to work at it.

If you stop working at it, writing every day will become a distant memory. It becomes something that you used to do every morning when you woke up. 

Are you dedicated enough to write every day? Do you have the courage and discipline to put in the work everyday to form a healthy habit?

I’m not sure if I do… but I know I want to try. The best thing to do is write at the same time every day, but how do you do that if your days are never the same.  

If you don’t start now, if you don’t start today, a year will pass by without you even noticing. You will find yourself in the same place. But if you start now, today, you might just find that by the end of the year you have a novel that you want to publish, a poem in a magazine, or a short story being finished.


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