In order to get the job you want, you need experience. In order to get experience, you need a job. In my case that is a writing job and therefore writing experience.

When I was in college I just had a vague idea about what I wanted to do with my life. That hasn’t exactly changed in the years since. While I was in school I didn’t get enough experience. I needed money more than I thought I needed an internship. I needed a way to put food in my mouth and gas in the car.

So I don’t have the resume that I would like. It is one thing to say that you can write. It is another thing to do it five days a week and get paid for it.

And so, I write this. A blog with my name at the end of the post. My name in print.

While it might not be my dream job, it might help me get there. It might even help me understand what my dream job is. Because at 26 I’m not exactly sure what my dream job is.

This blog is about me: a 26 year old drowning in life. Overwhelmed by the unknown, by where I am going. A rag-tag blog about what I learn about writing along the way.


–Katherine Orr


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